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About Project

Centuary India is one of the leading brands in the bedding industry with all types of spring mattresses, bolsters, Coir, memory foam pillows & cushions included in its product range. Centuary doubled its manufacturing capacity in 2004 and became the second largest manufacturer of rubberised coir in India. Beehive was approached to create brand awareness, increase interaction, strengthen its positioning and develop a lead generation strategy.

What we did

Through contextual targeting, we reached out to the user actively perusing content related to back pains, buying a mattress, home décor and so on. With this type of relevant targeting, the brand was able to reach out to potential buyers. Placement targeting was activated on all home décor portals, business and news websites. This optimized use of premium inventory helped in generating higher share of voice for centuary mattress. The campaign began with getting insights into the regions and products that garnered maximum interest. To achieve this, a conversion code was generated through Google that helped us better understand user behavior towards the brand. It also helped us gauge the best marketing strategy, keywords, placements for Centuary Mattress that would generate maximum leads. Manual Bidding on contextual keywords kept us in competition everyday and resulting a high number of clicks and leads. A filter system was setup to remove low performing keywords.


There were over a 1000 leads generated. The campaign generated over 121,846 clicks and served over 30,700,000 impressions. Centuary mattresses received tremendous brand exposure and attracted a large number of interested customers to the website. The brand also had improved and positive recall creating a database of relevant users. Key facts 30,766,199 advert impressions 0.40% click through rate the number of leads generated were 1142

What's the buzz?

What's the buzz?

  • Beehive draws in a Design Bronze Spike

    Beehive Communications has won a Design Bronze Spike at Spikes Asia 2011 for their Sketch-A-Card creative.

Goafest Abby 2013 - Bronze award winner
Goafest Abby finalist – Art Direction
Client: Tourism Malaysia
Title: Malaysia Mega Bag
Category: Print