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About Project

An established name in the European surface travel offering, Rail Europe had a strong presence in India through its widespread travel agent network. But when the company ventured into entering the country on its own alongside its regular networks, it was faced with challenges that would require it to change tracks from its regular advertising and marketing initiatives. The essence of the challenge was that most tour operators in India were planning tours using chartered bus as transport, and as a result de-selling rail travel in Europe.

What we did

While building confidence in the travel agents’ fraternity was critical, informing the end consumer about the company and its offerings was also essential. Step one was quick tutorials and regular trade interactions to help travel agents make the most of the newly launched simpler and faster portal. The travel agents were also given exciting cross selling options of tickets plus holidays etc. to ensure freshness in their offering. A pinpoint media strategy along with a clutter breaking print campaign that captured the experience of Rail Europe plus the exciting products available solely on its portal, were lined up to seal the deal for the end consumers.


Rail Europe grew from a turnover of just USD $4 million in 2006 to 20 million by 2007. More importantly travel agents across the country began feeling the consumer pull, and had to begin offering rail travel within Europe.

What's the buzz?

What's the buzz?

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Goafest Abby 2013 - Bronze award winner
Goafest Abby finalist – Art Direction
Client: Tourism Malaysia
Title: Malaysia Mega Bag
Category: Print