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About Project

Flights to Malaysia were available only from 5 major metros in India leading travel agents to believe that only these should be included in conversations about Malaysia. However, the forst ’05 IMRB study clearly indicated that many travelers come from outside of these metros. Beehive’s main objective was to increase the total number of Indian tourists to Malaysia and extend the communication to include audiences outside of the tier 1 cities.

What we did

Beehive used this opportunity to tap into a much larger audience to increase the number of travelers to Malaysia. Our tactic involved widening the media plan to reach the top 24 markets. Besides broadening the target market, conversations in the plan were also tweaked to suit audiences of different tastes. We also increased our presence in the regional print and broadcast media.


Malaysia recorded a heavy tourist influx from outlying areas. Indian tourists increased by 61% in just 2 years, a upward movement compared to the 15% growth rate prevalent in the region.

What's the buzz?

What's the buzz?

  • Beehive draws in a Design Bronze Spike

    Beehive Communications has won a Design Bronze Spike at Spikes Asia 2011 for their Sketch-A-Card creative.

Goafest Abby 2013 - Bronze award winner
Goafest Abby finalist – Art Direction
Client: Tourism Malaysia
Title: Malaysia Mega Bag
Category: Print